Coping with divorce – The Divorce Coach Sara Davison

What is Divorce Coaching
Sara’s Divorce Coaching provides practical and emotional support during your divorce. The strategies and techniques enable you to navigate and cope with your divorce journey so you can move forward with a positive attitude. You will be able to transition confidently into the next phase of your life.

How can Divorce Coaching help me?

The Sara Davison 7 Step Divorce Coaching Methodology

1 Understanding You

Understanding your personal situation and what you want and need. I work with clients at all stages of their divorce, from those who are not sure if they should leave their marriage, to clients who are divorced and struggling to move on. Every divorce journey is unique, and my services are tailored to suit your individual requirements.

2 Putting you in Control

Put you back in emotional control. Coaching begins by providing you with the techniques and strategies that will help you to cope with the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, and help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Together we will build your personal strength so that you can deal with negative emotions more effectively, enabling you to heal as you move forward.

3 Demystify the divorce journey

Wherever you are in your Divorce Journey I will show you what each stage will involve, and ensure that you have an effective Divorce Support Team to help in any scenario. This is essential for ensuring that you feel supported and have expert advice whenever you need it.

4 Empowering You

I will provide you with a bespoke tool kit of practical strategies and techniques that will help you to navigate your divorce with confidence and emotional control.

5 Rediscover your identity

Together, we will uncover the real you. We will find what makes you tick and motivates you in life as a single person again

6 Take Action

Define an action plan that will inspire you to keep moving forward towards a future that you are excited and happy to live.

7 Around the clock support

As part of my unique service, I offer on-going support available out of hours to ensure that you have a comfortable and successful transition to your new life after divorce.

The 5 stages of your Divorce Journey
Should I leave my marriage?

Phase 1: Should I leave my marriage?

  • Unsure about what Divorce entails
  • Working through the pros and cons of divorce
  • Setting some clear targets for making your marriage work
How do I cope in the early days of Separation?

Phase 2: How do I cope in the early days of Separation?

  • Initial shock
  • Dealing with the emotional rollercoaster
  • Facing your emotions
  • Coping with the 5 stage grief process
  • Communication with your ex
How do I get through my divorce?

Phase 3: How do I get through my divorce?

  • Building your support team
  • Healing yourself
  • Managing the kids
  • Handing kids over to your ex and their new partner
  • Managing conflict with your ex
  • Working with your lawyer
  • Suddenly becoming a single parent
  • Coping with big life changes
How do I move forward with my life?

Phase 4: How do I move forward with my life?

  • Rediscovering your identity
  • Defining who you are as a single person
  • Working out what you want
  • Setting some positive goals to move towards
  • Creating a compelling future for you
  • Creating an action plan
What happens after my Divorce?

Phase 5: What happens after my Divorce?

  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your ex
  • Managing ongoing conflict
  • Co-parenting
  • Dating and new relationships