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FREE Break-Up Survival Guide & Action Plan


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If you answered YES to any of these questions my brand new online video programme will show you how to do this and much more.

It is possible to change how you feel and speed up your healing process, I know as I have been through it myself and I share all my secrets with you in these videos. In simple and easy to follow steps, it will change how you feel immediately and show you how to get your life back on track.

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“I truly believe Sara saved my life. Almost 3 years ago this Christmas, I was sitting in what I can only describe as hell…I was a broken woman. My husband of almost 20 years left me following his year long affair with my “friend”…the fall-out for us was catastrophic, not only for myself but for my children 3 and 8 at the time (now 8 and 12). I had to move from the Idyllic village we lived 600 miles back home because of the shame. I also needed to be back in Scotland with my family. Two years past and I was merely surviving, getting through the day, just.

Going back to that Christmas I found Sara’s break-up recovery retreat online, I very anxiously booked my place! That weekend changed my life, and the support (coaching) I have been receiving ever since has been life changing. Sara is so supportive, she has empathy and understanding. She gives tough love and challenges your thinking. She also operates a “emergency help-line” and believe you me, I have needed that on many an occasion.

Sara gives you real life techniques to help you cope with the very real situations, conflict with my ex, co-parenting. Most of our coaching is around parenting, as I am so tuned into the affect the divorce had on my children. Sara has given me hope that you can, not only survive, but, you can thrive and live and love again!!! Sara celebrates every milestone with you and she is always available to help with any falls along the way! I don’t know where I would have been without Sara. I use many of her techniques daily, in every part of my life! I cannot recommend Sara highly enough. What I love the most about her is that she is REAL, she has been through a difficult break-up herself and she is proof that there is life (an amazing life) ahead !!” Kerry, Manchester

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Sara Davison

Coping with divorce – The Divorce Coach Sara Davison

Break-up and divorce coaching gives you emotional and practical support when your relationship comes to an end.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I know from my own personal experience how tough breaking-up with a loved one can be. I am passionately committed to helping you find ways to overcome the pain, so you can let go of your ex and move forward with your life.

I believe that despite the trauma of a break-up, it can actually be a golden opportunity to redesign your life just the way you want it. I know this can be seem impossible at first, so to help you I have created a tool kit of techniques and strategies that I wish I’d had access to during my divorce. It will enable you to navigate and cope with your break-up, so that you can move positively and confidently into the next phase of your life.

I had been life and business coaching for 15 years when I went through my own divorce and it still hit me like a freight train. I realised that there was little specific help to guide you through the rollercoaster of changes you face at such an overwhelming time. So, I combined all my years of coaching expertise with my own personal divorce experience to create the programmes which now help both women and men better manage their unique circumstances.

Please be reassured that there are many things you can do to grab back control of your life and start to feel hopeful and happy again. As you will see on my website, I have created many different options to suit all budgets and situations to help of you as I can to get back in the driving seat of your lives after your break-up and go on to be excited about life again.

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