Divorce Coach Success Stories
``I have been in an unhappy marriage for a long time and didn’t know how to resolve my situation. Ending a marriage after all this time would take more than just appointing solicitors. I had never been to see a Divorce Journey Coach before and was not sure what to expect or how it would help.``

``Sara put me at ease and with great empathy was quickly able to understand my situation. She was able to use her own experiences to help me realise that a different future was well within my grasp. She showed me a new way of approaching the challenges of my situation and helped me see a much more positive and achievable future. She gave me the confidence to move my situation forward. I was shown strategies to use whenever I started to feel overwhelmed by my circumstances. I also learned more about why certain things would trigger off certain emotions, which greatly helped me in coping with my situation.``

``If you are reading this and in a situation that you desperately want to change but feel you don’t have the strength then I would thoroughly recommend seeing Sara. Without Sara’s help and guidance I would probably be still be in a situation making me deeply unhappy and not know if I had the strength to change it. I am not through the other side yet but I have started my journey with Sara there to help me along the way. Seeing Sara is one of the best things I could have done.``

Helen, Manchester

``Sara is a very positive person who listens to you without pre-judgement. She has the ability to look at your individual situation and offer easy to follow advice which is not always easy to see when you are emotionally involved in your own divorce.``

``Her strategies have helped me to work better with my lawyer and she has worked with me on an action plan of steps to follow. It’s good to be able to talk with her.``

James, Birmingham.