Do I Need a Divorce Coach?

Do I need a divorce coach?

Top 10 reasons why you would use a Divorce Coach:

You are unsure whether to get a divorce

Sometimes you feel like it is the only way forward, other times you worry that this could be your only chance of happiness. If you are a woman you may feel that your biological clock is ticking and if you leave you may never have the chance to have kids. Maybe your relationship has fizzled out and you feel there is more to life. You are unsure of what the divorce process entails and what it would mean.

Your partner has told you they are leaving and you do not know which way to turn

You may be in a state of shock or overwhelm. You are scared of what the future holds and how you will cope without your ex. You are frightened on what lies ahead and need some help to process what has happened and to move forward through the divorce process. You are looking for answers as to why this has happened.

You need someone to talk to who will give you expert, unbiased practical advice

Your friends and family are well meaning but they are so involved emotionally themselves that the advice they are giving you doesn’t feel right. You need advice from someone who understands what you are going through as they have been through a divorce themselves and also has a tool kit of advice and strategies that will get you where you need to be. You are finding it expensive talking to your lawyer about emotional issues.

You think your divorce means the end of your world

Maybe you have been in a long relationship and have lost your sense of self. You can’t see a future without your ex and or how it is possible to ever be happy again.

You are having a high conflict divorce and are finding it hard to cope

High conflict divorces can be very draining. You may be struggling to deal with an aggressive and bullying ex. You may be feeling you don’t have the strength to see your divorce through as it is causing you so much stress it may be impacting your parenting or career.

You are unsure how to help your children through divorce when you are struggling to cope

It can be hard to be emotionally strong enough to support your kids through what is a life changing event in their lives, especially when you are struggling to deal with the break up. You need some support and strategies and techniques on how to juggle your emotional stress with their needs successfully.

Your self-esteem and confidence are at an all time low

You keep asking yourself why this happened to you and what you did wrong to deserve this. Maybe your partner ran off with someone younger and you are dealing with being replaced by a younger model. Or maybe you have put on weight during your marriage and are struggling to understand how anyone else will ever find you attractive. Maybe your confidence is so low you don’t want to go out and can’t face explaining to everyone that you are now going through a divorce.

You are confused and overwhelmed by all the paperwork and legal jargon of the divorce process

Although a divorce coach does not give legal or financial advice they will help you to get the best team around you to support your needs for your divorce. With a network of contacts to suit every situation I will help you build a team to get you through the process. Having been through the process I will help you to get clarity on how to work best with your lawyer and help you to treat the legal process as a job and will show you how to deal with your emotions separately.

You are fed up of talking about your story and are ready to make some changes and move on with your life

You have grieved your relationship and are ready to move forward but are stuck as you have lost your identity as a single person. You have been co-dependent for so long on your ex that you are unclear on what you really want and where you want to go. You need to plan out your future and get a clear action plan of what you want and how to get it.

You are ready to start dating again but are unsure how

You are fed up of being the only single person at the school gates and never getting invited to dinner parties as you are on your own. You have emotionally detached from your ex and feel ready to meet someone new however have no clue how to go about it as it has been a long time since your last date

If any of these ring true to you and you would like more information please contact Sara to arrange a session [email protected].