What is Divorce Coaching

Welcome to my video series How to Survive and Thrive after your Break-Up, Separation and Divorce.
These 10 videos will give you everything you need right now to cope better with your break-up. They are packed full of information and techniques to give you a better understanding of what you are experiencing and it will give you the tools to deal with the challenges better.


The 4 keys to surviving and thriving after your break-up:

The 4 keys to surviving and thriving after your break-up: Learn about the 4 keys that can unlock your path to feeling great again. They are the foundation to your speeding up your recovery and helping you to move forward with your life again with confidence.


What to expect from your break-up:

What to expect from your break-up: Learn about the 5 specific stages that follow a break-up and the rollercoaster of emotions. Get clarity on what you will experience and how best to cope with it.


Should I stay or leave my marriage?

How to cope if you are undecided whether to stay or go. Learn how to get more clarity on your relationship and avoid having regrets.


5 ways to cope with a break-up and heartache
How to create your break-up support team:

Learn how to set up a support system for all scenarios that reduces your overwhelm and stress and enable you to make better decisions.


Dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions:

Learn how to reduce the fear of your break-up and how to deal with negative emotions that are holding you back. Also learn my powerful technique for being more positive.


How to let go and banish heartache:

Learn effective techniques to help you let go of your ex and get rid of the heartache. Learn how to cope with betrayal and also how the words you use can affect your state of mind.


How to manage conflict with your ex and how it can affect your children:

How to quickly de-intensify conflict with your ex-partner. Vital top tips on how to make divorce easier for your children.


Conscious Uncoupling
How to move forward with your life:

How to turn your break-up into a golden opportunity. How to rediscover your identity and get your sparkle back.


The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating again:

How to start dating again after your break-up. Finding Mr or Ms Right Now and the 7 things you must and must not do when dating.


Your next steps, more support and maintaining momentum:

How to build on the progress you have made and ensure you stay on track. Cementing what you have learnt and creating the life you want to lead.