Now there’s an app to help you through your break-up

Now there’s an app to help you through your break-up

My brand new free app – 7 Steps to a Better Break-Up

Have you just broken up from your relationship? Are you struggling to cope? Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to function? Is your break-up affecting other areas of your life? If so then my new app is designed to help you.

January is boom time for break-ups as people take a fresh look at their relationships in the New Year. Many of us reflect on what we want to achieve and manifest in the next 12 months. We take stock of what hasn’t been working well and what we want to change and improve on. For some of us that will mean leaving our relationship and moving on to pastures new.

Breaking up from a long term partner is never easy, even if it is your choice. There are lots of adjustments to be made and it takes some time to get used to being single again. For some it can be an extremely traumatic and scary process and one that paralyses us from being to function well in daily live. This can be difficult if we have jobs to do or children to care for so it’s important to have some coping mechanisms to help you deal with the rollercoaster of a break-up.

I have already seen a huge increase in clients asking for help and support this month. It’s a tricky time as emotions run high and the stress a break-up causes can really affect every area of your life. This is why I created my app “7 Steps to a Better Break-Up”. It is designed to help support you through the early days of separation and to give you techniques to help with both the heart break and the practical side of being single again. For many of my clients this is their first time being single in many years and that thought alone is extremely daunting.

Friends and family can offer support but there will be times when either you cannot get hold of them or they are not giving you the best advice. It can be hard for loved ones to help when they are emotionally involved in your situation and they are hurting too at seeing you so upset. My new app is there to support you 24/7. It shows you how to help yourself move through your break-up and out the other side.

7 Steps to a Better Break-Up guides you with a series of videos and text designed to arm you with the tools you need to cope. If you download workbook and action plan you will be able to work through exercises specifically tailored to clarify your situation and help you to move forward.

Step 1: No regrets: It’s important to be 100% sure that you are walking away for the right reasons if it is your choice to leave.

Step 2: Create a strong support team around you

Step 3: How to cope with your negative emotions so you can still function day to day

Step 4: Techniques to help with heart break and conflict with your ex

Step 5: Keep moving forward with your life

Step 6: How to turn this situation around

Step 7: Your Action Plan tool to keep you on track and moving forward

You can download my app for free and watch the videos and read my advice for each step. If you want to start to feel better as soon as possible you can pay to unlock the exercises and create your very own personalised Action Plan. This will set out a bespoke plan for how you can move forward quickly and give you stepping stones to follow that you feel comfortable with at your own pace.

This is unique as there is no other app like it and I have designed it with the experience of working with clients all over the world going through break-ups. It will give you tools to cope and feel better and move you towards a future you are excited to live again.

If you have any questions then please do get in touch with me [email protected]





Sara Davison
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