New research shows need for divorce coaching

New research shows need for divorce coaching

Recent research by law firm Cordell and Cordell has shown some interesting statistics about divorce:

42% of marriages end in divorce in UK. This is nearly half of all UK marriages.

There were 118, 140 divorces in UK 2012 which is an increase of 0.5% from year 2011

Almost half of divorces happen in the first 10 years. You are most at risk between year 4 and year 8.

The average age to get divorces is 45 years old for me and 42 years of for women.

The most common causes of divorce are:
1. Adultery
2. Abuse
3. Incompatibility
4. Boredom
5. Children
6. Expectations
7. Mental health
8. Money
9. Addiction
10. Lack of communication

48% of divorces couples have children under 16 years old living with the family still

In the UK there are 2million lone parents with dependent kids. 91% of these are women and 9% are men

Average amount of time to get a divorce 17 months 26 days.

Having been one of these statistics myself becoming divorced and a single parent in 2012 I realised that there was very little specific support for how to cope worth the trauma and upset that divorce causes. So I used my 16 years coaching experience and my own personal divorce learnings to set up my Divorce Coaching business to provide support for those going through these scenarios above.

It is incredible what a ripple effect divorce has on your entire life. It touches every area including friends, lifestyle, finances, confidence and your state of mind.

I have created a divorce coaching programme that provides techniques and strategies that you can use to help you through the emotional rollercoaster and also the new practical situations you will find yourself in.

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Remember divorce can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Come along and find out how.

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