My Day 6 Blog Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

My Day 6 Blog Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

Day 6

7am Wake up as the sun is starting to rise. I pop out to take photos as its so stunning. Check out my Instagram for those. What a calming and peaceful place to be.

9.15am Fitness circuits with Kelly at the top of the hill with a panoramic view across the bay and out to sea. Really enjoyed it today as its getting easier to motivate myself to play full out. Tracey is a new addition to our group. She is a very friendly single IT consultant from London and loves her retreats!

10am Tantric yoga session. This is a great stretching session after all the exercise we have been doing but I find it hard. We had to imagine kissing George Clooney to get one of the moves right!! The moves take practice and I definitely need to do more to get the flexibility and techniques better.

11.30am We were supposed to be off paddle boarding with James but sadly it was too windy and the sea was full of white horses. So we decided to take a hike up a mountain made of volcanic rock. It was tough going as the ground was so uneven but the views were stunning and as usual we had a giggle. We hiked up to a watch tower where James tells us it was used to keep the Pirates at bay. He’s a fountain of knowledge about the area and a great tour guide when we are out and about. It’s a beautiful walk down through a stunning meadow of spring flowers.

1.30pm Lunch of Caribbean chicken curry on the beach. You build up a real appetite here! Lots of banter with the gang. Rena tells us how the first time she came here James had chicken pox and how he didn’t look so good being so ill but how he has now transformed into a “bronzed Adonis”!! We all agree! This is definitely a Bootcamp where all the trainers are very easy on the eye! They all walk their talk and their bodies are inspiring and that keeps us all motivated as their exercises and diet strategies clearly work!

3pm Massage to work on my muscles as they have taken a hammering whilst I have been here. It’s so relaxing and I feel reborn after!

4.45pm Mindfulness session with Ross. He is an acupuncturist too and has an incredible calmness about him. He takes us through a full body mediation which was so relaxing most of us fell asleep. Then the Pilates teacher opened the door with such a bang half way through and Rena woke up screaming she got such a fright!! Was hilarious 🙂

5pm Pilates class which I decide to skip as I am so chilled out I think I’m done for the day.

I take a coastal walk around the bay and watch the sunset. It’s a wonderful place to think. If you are going through heartbreak this is a fabulous place to heal and regroup.

Nicola was telling me last time she was here she was out every night with a group that liked to party and have a few drinks. She claims she was led astray by two guys called Gary and Liam… But I’m not sure that would be too hard! That definitely would be fun too and it all depends what you are looking for. You can do as much or as little as you like as there are no rules. You can make it your own.





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