My Day 5 Divorce Coach blog at Fitness Bootcamp

My Day 5 Divorce Coach blog at Fitness Bootcamp

Day 5

8.30am A well deserved lie in! There is an optional morning run but running is not my thing so I take the opportunity to rest up.

We have a new group member!! Michelle who is American teacher now living in Amsterdam with her family. She is delightful and so enthusiastic. She jumps right in and tries her hardest with all the exercises even though she was up at 3.30am to catch her flight.

10.30am 17.5k mountain bike ride. It’s warm, sunny and we cycle through the pretty Ibizan farm lands and orange and lemon groves. A real chance to forget any worries and connect with nature. It’s so stunning over here and life is so simple. It makes me wonder if we are over complicating over lives back home. It’s seems so much less stressful without the constant striving to have more and be more over here.

12.30am We stop for a delicious lunch of fresh fish on Cala Nova Beach. The sun is warm and we tuck in as we all are starving! Lots of jokes and happy banter flies around as we see the success of Army Robs exercise video I posted on FB!! A celebrity is born! And from the messages I have been reviewing he is a big hit with some of my female clients too 🙂

2pm We cycle 7.5k back to the hotel. Legs are aching now (and bums!) but it’s been mostly flat apart from the one “killer hill” so it’s a good work out but not brutal!

3pm Beach circuits with Army Rob in the wooded corner of the beach. I have posted a video of some of the exercises on FB. Tyre hitting, more ropes and sand blasting balls. It’s really good fun and I’m much for used to this level of exercise than I was when I arrived here. You can work to your own level so it’s as much as you want to push yourself.

4pm Straight back from beach into Pilates session. It’s a really good stretching class which is what I need. I get told off for not doing exactly what she said … And I must say she is a bit scary! But it’s a fab class and just what I need at the end of the day.

5.30pm I speak to my son. He’s away in France with his Dad. I miss him so much. He’s only 6 years old so I know it could be a short call!

Me: Hi Santi
Santi: Hi Mummy.
Me: Are you having a good time?
Santi: Yes
Me: Have you been swimming?
Santi: No the pool is too cold Mummy, it’s freezing.
Me: Oh ok. So what have you been doing?
Santi: I can’t remember
Me: Ah ok
Santi: I love you Mummy.
Me: I love you Santi.
Santi: Bye Mummy
Me: Bye Santi

Short and sweet but he always melts my heart. I love him so much.

Our group has really bonded now even though we are all different. We all have completely different body shapes and are looking for different things from the week. We all have moments of loving it and also feeling vulnerable. It’s lovely to see how we all pull together to support each other through.

Michelle is married, Nicola is divorced no kids (and my new best friend!) and Rena is a bit younger and never married no kids. And then there’s me … Happily divorced and one gorgeous little boy. So we all have lots to talk about and it’s a comfortable safe place to confide and support each other.

Its a fun group and I must say that it’s a wonderful way to take some time out of normal life and focusing on healing and strengthening your body and mind.



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