My Day 4 Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

My Day 4 Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

Day 4

6.30am Up and at em!

8am Brekkie with Nicola who is buzzing from day before. She mentions that she too has noticed she is starting to relax more and that her focus has shifted away from the hamster wheel of life at home. It definitely takes a few days … But it does happen!

9.15 Fitness circuits at the top of the hill with bubbly Kelly. She sets out 5 different exercises and drills us through them. They are tough but she is so full of enthusiasm and energy that it’s infectious. Plus the views are stunning so it’s loads of fun and we all get stuck in.

10am Yoga with Arlette. This is my fav yoga class as it is power yoga and flows and moves. It really stretches out all my aching muscles. And there are plenty of them!

11am I try my luck to see if I can get a massage in the spa. It’s a beautiful relaxing spa with lots of different hot and cold pools and jets and sauna and steam rooms galore. My luck is in and Martha gives me one of the best massages I have ever had. I needed that!

12pm Lunch with Nicola in the restaurant at the hotel which is included in the package. It’s very healthy and delicious. The waiters are very happy and helpful and cannot do enough to ensure we enjoy our meal. Rena is juicing only this week so she can’t join us for that … That would be torture!

2pm til 4pm Beach circuits with Army Rob … He’s definitely a winner with the ladies at 34, ripped and a cheeky sense of humour! A combination of boxing, kettle bells and ropes. Check out the video on my FB page of the ropes … Never seen anything like it but it’s an awesome workout and loads of fun too. Again plenty of skinny dippers around to make us chuckle … A few pics of those on my Instagram!!

4pm I have a tarot card reading with Elaine which totally blows my mind. Not only is she adorable and someone you could listen to for hours, she has a gift and the reading was incredible. She is coming to UK too so if you’re interested in see her let me know.

7pm Dinner at the Indian on Restaurant Street. Delicious!

10.30pm Bed and sound asleep!

Another incredible day … the exercise is getting more and more enjoyable and I’m definitely noticing the rewards. I have more definition and lots of my wobbly bits have disappeared!! My stress levels are lower than ever and I am back in touch with who I am and I’m finding the clarity is giving me some great business ideas. I’m reenergised and revitalised! This retreat is magic.

Sara Davison
[email protected]