My Day 3 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

My Day 3 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

This was the morning I had been dreading .. Fitness Assessment at 8.30am!!

6.30am I jump in shower to wake myself up but accidentally knock the disability chair off the wall which smashes down onto my big toe… Ouch! It takes half hour of ice cold bottles from my mini bar to calm down the swelling but my toe is now many shades purple and red!

7.30am I hobble down to breakfast and meet two new arrivals for my group. Nicola is a successful and bubbly Marketing Director in London and says she is here to improve her work/life balance. She likes to keep active and is in fabulous shape already so this is about taking time out and regrouping. Reena again is a high flying professional and has a stressful job in banking and is here on a juice only diet but she is still doing the fitness Bootcamp too! She says she finds it a good way to detox and lose weight as that is hard when she is working so hard the rest of the year. She has traveled the world and done some amazing juice retreats over the last 10 years. She escapes once or twice a year to detox and take a break from normal life.

8.30am Fitness Assessment time and the bleep test!! I had no idea what this was but seeing the cones set out on the beach and the stop watch I knew it was going to be tough. Bring it on… Even with a sore toe! We had to run between the cones back and forth and keep up with the beeps until we could run no more … Until we could not breathe! That came pretty quick for me! Nicola is super fit and kept going the longest.. Very impressive. My toe is seriously hurting right now too but trying to ignore it as I really want to play full out while I am here.

9.15am Fitness circuits on the beach with James who is manages to make working out hard fun and enjoyable. It makes such a difference from being in a gym when you can work outside and breathe in fresh air and stunning views. There was an interesting moment when a woman came to the beach and stripped off for a skinny dip right next to us all!

10am Yoga class which I’m leaning is a great way to let go and relax whilst stretching muscles I never knew I had.

11am Chill time around the pool until 2.30pm

2.30pm Hike across the rolling hills here. Stunning and a real chance to connect with nature. My toe was unfortunately too painful to finish the walking so after 45 minutes I took a short cut and waited on the beach for the others.

6pm Boxing class with army Rob. Really fun exercise class and a great way to release any pent up negative emotions.

8pm Wander up to the village to watch the Easter Parade.

Realisation that I am enjoying focusing on me and pushing myself to achieve a better level of fitness. I already feel like my body is changing and interestingly I feel mentally stronger too. I miss my son and think about him and what he’s up to but I’m appreciating this time for me.

This is a great place to reflect as when you are so connected to nature it is easier to appreciate what is important in life. It takes a few days to get there by I’m letting go and allowing myself to just be.

Sara Davison
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