My Day 2 at Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

My Day 2 at Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

Day 2 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

8am Dolphin spotting in the bay as the sun rises. Simply stunning.

9.15am Fitness circuits with Kelly. She is awesome and has a very inspiring level of fitness and enthusiasm that is infectious. 45mins of pushing the limits but feeling amazing for it!

11am Coastal walk taking in some stunning views and a chance to see all the little bays, coves and gorgeous beaches. Ending in a leisurely delicious lunch in the sunshine with an impromptu song from a fellow diner with an incredible voice!

3.30pm Hot stone massage in the hotel spa. Very relaxing and able to chill in the hot and cold pools area and enjoy a sauna and steam. Totally relaxed now.


5pm Receieved a short video from my little boy saying he’s having a good time. Watching it I really missed him but was reassuring to know he is happy. Remind myself this is “me time” and it’s ok to just focus on me this week. I will be a better Mum for it when he’s home.

6pm Walk along sea front taking time out to think and get some alone time. Stunning views and an amazing natural energy. Good for the soul.

7pm Yoga session for hour and a half which was much more spiritual and flowing than yesterday’s. Loved it. I’m a yoga convert now!

Aching all over but in a really good way. Early night as tomorrow we have a fitness assessment at 8.30am!

Sara Davison
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