My Day 1 blog at Ibiza Fitness Bootcamp

My Day 1 blog at Ibiza Fitness Bootcamp

I am often asked what I get up to when my son is away with his Dad. Many find this one of the hardest parts about divorce. Often I am working and seeing clients and sometimes I get away. This week I am researching 38 degrees North and doing a fitness Bootcamp in Ibiza. I am writing a daily blog so you can share my experience and see if you would like to come back with me on a Divorce Coaching retreat. I hope you enjoy x

Day 1 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

4.30am Alarm goes off and up I jump up as still some packing to finish! Very excited so the early start doesn’t bother me.

5.15am Taxi collects me as I want to be early as I wasn’t able to check in on online for some mysterious reason.

6.45am Arrive at airport to be told I’m one of 8 passengers put on standby due to weight issues with the planes and short run ways at London City Airport!!

8.10am Having brekkie and coffee at the airport. Trying to distract my thoughts from my son who is taking off from Heathrow airport to France at 8.55am today. Hoping he’s ok and happy. I miss him already and 7 nights still to go!! But remind myself it’s good to have me time and I am genuinely excited to be going away to Ibiza. He needs “Dad time” too and it’s important for him. So all good … Feeling better.

8.41am Still no gate announced. Hoping I get on the plane … This standby situation is crazy! I paid for my ticket so surely I must get on the plane?!
9.30am At last after all passengers have boarded I am told that yes I can fly! Phew.

12.35pm Land in warm and sunny Ibiza! James (owner of 38degrees North) picks me up and takes me to the gorgeous Hotel Aguas de Ibiza. Stunning modern and very pretty hotel on the beach.

1.45pm I have my fitness assessment including my body fat and weight measurement… Very scary, surely no woman wants to know these numbers? Results: yes I am putting it out there … My body fat is 30% which sounds terrible and my weight is 58kg so we will see how I improve this week. No pressure!!

6pm Yoga session. As I’m the first guest to arrive and the others are coming tomorrow I have my very own private session which is amazing. I’ve never done yoga before so I’m useless but I can tell it’s working parts I’ve never used! All good.

Off out for dinner with James and to see some of the island before the rest of the gang arrive. Tomorrow the hard work starts! Circuits at 9.15am …

Sara Davison
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