My Christmas present for you or a loved one

My Christmas present for you or a loved one

Well it’s that festive time of year again that is traditionally associated with families and happy gatherings. It can shine a spotlight any loneliness you might be experiencing and can be really tricky for those of you who are single, especially if this is your first Christmas since your break-up. I recently read an interview with Kym Marsh who was worried about waking up on Christmas morning without her kids. So you are not alone if you are feeling like this too.

If you follow my blogs or FB page you will find lots of advice on how to cope better at Christmas, there are lots of easy things you can do to make it easier.

I do see an increase at this time of year in the number of emails I receive each week from people asking me for advice and tips on how to cope better with their break-up and how to move forward. Many can’t afford a one to one coaching session with me but desperately need help.

So I have decided this year to offer 3 free 1 hour coaching sessions.

Let me know you would like to claim one of these coaching sessions for yourself or a friend who needs help. Please email me at [email protected] with subject heading “Xmas”. Please outline your story and what you would like help with most. I will choose 3 winners and will contact you by email to book in your complimentary 1 hour coaching session. Please send emails to me by Sunday 6th December 6pm.

Merry Christmas everyone





Sara Davison
[email protected]