What is Divorce Coaching


“How to Survive and Thrive after your Break-Up, Separation and Divorce” 10 Step Video Coaching Plan

  • Do you feel that your break-up is controlling your life?
  • Are you overwhelmed with negative emotions?
  • Are struggling to let go of your relationship and move forward?

If you are experiencing any of the above then my brand new video series “How to Survive and Thrive after your Break-Up, Separation and Divorce” is designed to help you.

The break-up of a serious relationship is known to be one of the most traumatic life experiences. You will have to navigate a roller coaster of negative emotions as well as finding yourself in new practical situations as you face your life without your partner.

Mending a broken heart or dealing with picking up the pieces and moving forward can take time and there are many pitfalls to be avoided.

Following your break-up are you:

  • Suffering from heartbreak?
  • Finding the negative emotions overwhelming at times?
  • Worried about what the future holds?
  • Struggling with the effects of divorce on your children?
  • Experiencing conflict with your ex?
  • Finding it hard to let go and move on with your life?
  • Struggling with low confidence and self-esteem?
  • Finding it hard to know who you are anymore?
  • Scared that you will never find love again?

If you are currently experiencing any of the above these videos will help you to get your life back on track and put your firmly in the driving seat of your life again. They are packed full of techniques and strategies that will empower you to cope better with both the emotional and practical challenges that you will face.

You will learn how to:

  • Start feeling better immediately
  • Get back in control of your life again
  • Banish heartbreak once and for all
  • Manage high conflict situations
  • Help your kids deal with your break-up
  • Let go of your ex and the past
  • Cope better with controlling negative emotions
  • Create a future you are excited to live

The break-up of a long term relationship can be an extremely traumatic experience and I want to reassure you that you are in good hands and have come to the right place. In fact this is precisely the information that I wish I’d had access to during my own divorce. I needed help and support and looked everywhere to get constructive advice on how to navigate both the emotional and practical obstacles that I had to face. When I couldn’t find anything that covered the challenges I was facing I decided to create my own programme based on my 17 years of life and business coaching experience. I combined this with my personal divorce experience to create this programme to help other people, both men and women, to cope better with their break-ups.

These videos are simple and easy to use and many of the techniques you learn will give you immediate results. They are designed for both men and women to give you a deeper understanding of your situation so you can take control back over the way you are feeling. By working through the exercises you will you will feel happier and more confident and start to move forward with your life again.

This programme is broken down into 10 videos to give you a 10 step process to help you work through the different aspects of your break-up including:

  1. The 4 keys to surviving and thriving after your break-up
  2. What to expect from your break-up
  3. Should I stay or leave my marriage?
  4. How to create your break-up support team
  5. Dealing with the rollercoaster of emotions
  6. How to let go and banish heartache
  7. How to manage conflict with your ex and how it can affect your children
  8. How to move forward with your life
  9. The 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating again
  10. Your next steps, more support and maintaining momentum

You will work through practical exercises in your Workbook that will allow you to tailor the information and tools you are learning to your own personal situation. You will also create your own personalised Action Plan to keep you moving forward in between videos and even after you have completed the series.

I created this programme to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and empower you to face the challenges head on. I will arm you with the tools you need to cope better with whatever your break-up throws at you.

There is happiness after your break-up and as you will see in this programme there are lots of things you can do right now to speed up your healing process.

These videos are normally £147 but we are currently running a limited special offer of £97 (VAT included)

What this includes:

– 10 videos of coaching packed full of techniques and strategies
– 17 page Workbook including notes and practical exercises
– Your Action Plan to tailor the coaching to your personal situation


“Sara is a very positive person who listens to you without pre-judgement. She has the ability to look at your individual situation and offer easy to follow advice which is not always easy to see when you are emotionally involved in your own divorce.”


“Her strategies have helped me to work better with my lawyer and she has worked with me on an action plan of steps to follow. It’s good to be able to talk with her.”