Learning to trust again after heartbreak and divorce

Learning to trust again

Learning to trust again after heartbreak and divorce

“How do I learn to trust again?” If you have been hurt in a relationship you can lose faith in your own personal judgement of other people and worry that you will fall into the same trap again with someone new.

Please be reassured that this is normal and healthy. Trust should be earned over a period of time and it needs to be if you are to build a strong and lasting relationship with someone. So instead of worrying about whether you will ever trust anyone again, focus your energy on what you have learned.

Stay open to trusting someone as everyone is different and you will be missing out on having some wonderful people in your life if you hold back too much.

See your broken trust experience as a positive part of your journey as you are less likely now to ever be in that situation again if you learn from it.

Use your newly found awareness to take new relationships step by step. It is useful to be more alert and to be able to take off the rose tinted glasses. Take each day as it comes and give credit where credit is due.

The only person missing out is you if you hold back too much. Don’t let the past rule your future. You have survived this far and even if it takes you a bit longer to trust the fact that you are moving forward is a credit to you.

Remember you can design you own future so make it a fabulous one.