Holidays for singles

Holidays for singles

Fitness retreat blog – 38 Degrees North, Midhurst, Sussex

I like to keep busy when my son goes away with his Dad. As many of you know I’m into my fitness as I find it a great way to keep my mind strong as well as my body. I’m not a hard core exerciser but I like to keep in shape. So I sign up to my great old school friend James’ pop up bootcamp for the Easter weekend run by his company 38 Degrees North. You may have heard of them as lots of celebs visit their bootcamp in Ibiza which is awesome too!

My alarm goes off at 6am and I’m actually excited to jump out of bed and get on the road. I arrive at The Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst which is stunning.

Everyone arrives and we have a total of seven in our group. Rena and Nicola arrive who are great friends of mine who I met at the Ibiza bootcamp last year. Rena is bubbly and works as a lawyer in the City and Nicola is great fun and is in charge of Marketing and PR at a fast growing start-up. I find these retreats are a fab way to meet people interested in the same things and often single too. We have since been out for many dinners and even a trip to St Lucia to another fitness resort, so it’s definitely a great way to make friends and expand your social life too.

Gary a professor (with larger than life personality!) and his GP wife Diana, Angela in Finance for a TV company and also Paul who has his own market research business arrive to complete our group. It’s a mixed fitness level group and everyone seems friendly and up for a fun weekend.

No rest as we kick off with fat testing and weigh in.. Argh .. 59kg and 30% body fat … never a happy experience but drives me on to work out harder for sure.

James is full of energy and enthusiasm as always and takes us through two fitness tests including a bleep test which involves running up and down between two markers either end of the studio until you physically cannot run any more! Plus fitness circuits including kettle bells, crunches, squat jumps and ropes to name a few. I love that there is such a variety of exercises and it caters for all levels of fitness too. You work at your own pace and can stop if you need to.

We then have a Tabata session which is 4 sessions of 4 minutes of intense exercise. Its something new for me and I like the short bursts of energy, although never has 4 minutes seemed so long!!

I’m loving the fact we can eat what we want here. While it’s always good to be healthy it’s not frowned on to treat yourself after your work out if you want too. So lunch is an animated discussion with the group whilst  Gary drinks a glass of wine despite the fact we have an afternoon of exercise ahead… Good man!! We discover that Rena has never eaten Angel Delight and has never heard of Smash! Where has she been living?! I also found out that there is such a thing as a “sex retreat” although nobody actually owns up to having been on one!

Then back to the studio where the gorgeous Faye arrives to take us for a kick boxing session which was so much fun. She used to be UK kick boxing champion so it’s great to learn from a professional. She’s a fab teacher and even though it’s hard work with all have a giggle and a proper work out. She follows that class with power ballet… A combination of ballet and fitness which is awesome and by far my favourite class of the day. Not sure if it’s Gary’s though!?!

Yoga next but I decide to skip that and check into my room. Sunny and comfy room and just what need to chill before dinner. I’m sure it will be a rowdy affair as Gary is going!


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