Free download my brand new app “7 Steps to a Better Break Up”

Free download my brand new app “7 Steps to a Better Break Up”

Sara Davison the UK’s leading break-up and divorce coach has today launched a brand new self-help app called, the ‘7 Steps to a Better Break-Up’, a simple, step-by-step guide that offers practical tips and advice to help individuals through the early stages of a break-up and divorce.

January and February are known to be the key times of year when divorce rates peak in the UK, with an average 30% increase in the number of enquiries made to solicitors and lawyers for advice.  This can be the beginning of an emotional and stressful time for any couple. But the process of break-up and separation and the adjustments and decisions that follow can now be made easier to cope with using some simple tips and strategies, says expert break-up and divorce coach Sara Davison.

“There are more than 100,000 divorces each year nationally and the sad fact is that many of these occur at the start of the New Year” says Sara. “Having battled through the festive period, many couples see the New Year as the time for a fresh start, to face problems and tackle relationship issues head on. Others have had the split forced upon them.”

Whatever the situation, even when a couple has reached an amicable decision to split up, most people who begin divorce proceedings often do so unprepared for what is to come.

“The breakdown of any marriage can create an inevitable amount of sadness and confusion, making the initial stages of break-up and divorce the hardest and most uncomfortable” adds Sara.  “We have a natural tendency to obsess over all of our mistakes and wish that we had done things differently. Even if you know it’s the right choice, there will be a number of questions and adjustments to go through.

“Some people are left feeling apprehensive when faced with being alone again after a number of years as a couple or married” Sara explains. “Others experience a sense of worry wondering how they will cope alone, where they will live and if they’ll be able to manage their finances. Equally, if there are children involved, there is always the hope that the separation is as harmonious as possible.”

Questions like these can lead to an increased level of stress and anxiety, and resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions, often creating anger, resentment and uncertainty, leaving even the strongest people struggling to cope.

Sara’s ‘7 Steps to a Better Break-up’ app aims to help resolve some of this worry, by providing a simple step-by-step guide to help people cope with the early stages of break-up, separation or divorce.

“Break-up, separation and divorce can be a life changing event, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your world” says Sara.   “Learning to understand and manage how you feel in the early days of separation will help build your confidence and take charge of your own future.”

Sara’s seven steps providesimple, easy to follow strategies that give you the tools and skillsyou need to manage your emotions and reactions to situations as they unfold.

Accompanied by exercises which can be practically applied to any relationship scenario, users complete each stage in their own time, working through their individual concerns, helping them to feel better prepared and able to cope with whatever situations may occur.

The app also allows individuals to set goals and create their own action plan which will help them move forwards positively in their lives.

“The ‘7 Steps to a Better Break-Up’ app has been designed to give people a basic introduction to break-up and divorce coaching. Using these simple stages to focus on, users will able to gain more perspective on their individual situation and feelings, and help you prepare them for what is to come, enabling them to regain some control which can help result in a more amicable outcome for all involved.“

Sara’s ‘7 Steps to a Better Break-up’ app include:

  1. No regrets – Realising and understanding your situation, and knowing that you have made the right decision
  2. Support – Building a strong support team around you as you learn to live alone again and to help you relieve the pressure
  3. Coping With Your Emotions – How to cope with the wide range of emotions that follow as a result of divorce
  4. Getting Clarity – If you’re still struggling, this stage identifies tips and strategies to help you move forwards
  5. Stepping Stones – Regaining control and helping you to redesign your life and set some personal goals to achieve to help you focus
  6. Flip It – Taking control and making you stronger and better able to cope with any eventuality that may crop up
  7. Your Action Plan – Creating a clear and defined action plan to give you back control back and the necessary tools to move forwards and create a happier life

The App is FREE to download and available for iPhone and Android devices. Additional exercises and tools cost just £4.99.

Sara Davison is an expert separation and divorce coach who runs a successful coaching practice across London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Sara has developed the UK’s first Divorce Coaching program to help individuals navigate and better cope with the process of divorce.

For more information on Sara, or to book a one to one consultation, logon to her website or follow her on Facebook (Sara Davison Divorce Coaching), Twitter (@SDDivorcecoach) and Instagram (SaraDavisonDivorceCoach)


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