Corporate Break-up Coaching

Corporate Break-up Coaching

Break-ups have a costly negative impact on business performance:

Whilst an employee’s relationship breakup is a personal matter and may not be openly discussed with colleagues, it can often have a big impact on the workplace. Breaking up with a significant other is known as the second most traumatic life experience after death of a loved one. It will trigger a rollercoaster of negative emotions as well as new practical challenges that will need to be dealt with.

Common emotions triggered will be shock, anxiety, anger, panic, depression and overwhelm. On top of this in cases of divorce there will be lawyers, financial advisors and court appearances that can take up huge amounts of energy and also mean extended periods of time out of the office.

This will in turn have a huge effect on the individual’s ability to perform at work as they struggle to resolve the issues in their personal life. In fact, the Chamber of Commerce estimated that it costs the British economy up to £46 billion every year. They identified a link between employee well-being and business productivity.

Common signs that a team member is struggling to cope with their breakup are:

  • Poor judgement
  • Mistakes
  • Over reaction in stressful situations
  • Becoming withdrawn and less communicative
  • Less efficient than normal
  • Deterioration in people skills
  • Apathy
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Missing deadlines
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Lack of attention to detail
  • Sick leave

A 2014 survey by polling company Com Res found that only 10% of employees felt their employer offered adequate support for those undergoing separating or divorce.

Given the impact divorce can have on both employees’ and their colleagues’ productivity, it is vital that employers have the resources available to offer constructive and helpful advice on how best to help their staff and also minimise damage to the business.

Who it affects:

I coach many Business Owners, Directors and Managers who are struggling to cope with the ripple effect of their breakup on their work. Their challenge is exasperated often by the fact that they are expected to lead and motivate their teams and show up every day ready and raring to go. They need to perform to a continuous high level and make daily judgment calls and important decisions that can affect the future of the business. However, when you are suffering from emotional stress this will seriously impact your ability.

How breakup and divorce coaching can help your business:

Sara Davison combines her 18 years of life and business coaching with her specialist expertise in breakup and divorce coaching. Her practical, results driven approach enables her clients to get back on track quickly and minimises the negative impact a breakup can cause in the workplace.

Sara has a varied tool kit of techniques and strategies that will show you how to:

  • Cope better with the negative emotions so you can continue to function to a high level in the workplace
  • Banish heartbreak so that you can free up your mind to concentrate better on other issues that need your attention and focus
  • Manage conflict so that it doesn’t escalate unnecessarily
  • Motivate yourself to keep a positive attitude
  • Deal with your personal issues outside of the workplace by providing coping mechanisms to deal with them swiftly as and when they arise
  • Increase emotional awareness so that you can take back your control over your people management skills
  • Manage the stress and overwhelm from your break-up so you can still perform to targets and produce results
  • Create a compelling future so you maintain your drive and ambition in the workplace

Having a specialist coach on hand to provide tailored advice will give your employees peace of mind that their personal situation is understood. They will be able to avoid speaking about it to colleagues as they will have an independent expert to confide in. After every session, they will have a bespoke plan of action to follow through to help them with all the different areas needed to keep them on track in the workplace and balance the upset from their relationship break-up.

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