“How can a Divorce Coach help me?”

“How can a Divorce Coach help me?”

“How can a Divorce Coach help me?” someone asked me yesterday on the train. I can help guide you through your divorce journey and teach you how to cope better.

Whilst I cannot take away all the pain I can give you a toolkit of different techniques and strategies to help you deal with the everyday ups and downs of divorce. Everyone’s journey is different. Some of you have children, there may have been an affair, financial situations vary and the divorce may be friendly or acrimonious. My coaching is tailored to suit each individual situation. You can come and see me face to face or speak with me on the phone.

Often in a relationship we become co-dependent on our partner and lose our sense of individuality. When they are no longer there it can be lonely as we try to move on. I will help you reconnect with yourself and rediscover your own identity again so your confidence and self-esteem can grow.

I can show you ways to cope when the kids are with your ex and even how to deal with living with your ex now you are separated.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you are struggling to see it please do contact me here, via FB or Twitter.