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10 reasons to go on a Break-Up Recovery Retreat

Break-Up Recovery Retreats are a new phenomenon in the UK and are fast becoming a must-have for those going through a challenging break-up.  The overall aim of these weekends is...

Holidays for singles

Fitness retreat blog - 38 Degrees North, Midhurst, Sussex I like to keep busy when my son goes away with his Dad. As many of you know I'm into my fitness...

Cheating and how to deal with it

Trust is so important when you're in a committed relationship. It's the foundation of all successful partnerships and without it you will struggle. Betrayal will decimate a relationship in one...

10 Reasons why break-up hurt so badly

It's reported that breaking up with your partner is the 2nd most traumatic life experience after the loss of a loved one. So it's no wonder that the end of...

New research shows need for divorce coaching

Recent research by law firm Cordell and Cordell has shown some interesting statistics about divorce: 42% of marriages end in divorce in UK. This is nearly half of all UK marriages. There...

Do prenups make divorce easier?

Over 30 million UK adults believe that prenups make divorce easier according to new research. The thing is that is definitely nothing romantic about prenups and so couples will shy away...