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Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel

I'm so excited that my Break-Up Recovery Retreats have been featured in Grazia, 26th December 2017 edition. Hopefully it will help people suffering to realise that there are lots of...

Are you feeling anxious about 2018?

Breaking up is known as the second most traumatic life event we ever go through, after death of a loved one. So, it makes sense that it sends a huge...

Is your child suffering from the divorce too?

LYING on my couch, a new client – we’ll call her Susan – recently became extremely distressed. In her 50s and adamant that she longs for marriage, she had convinced...

The Sun
The Sun: Break-up Retreat

BREAK-UPS MADE EASY We try the £599 break-up retreat where singles learn NOT to vent to friends and focus on what they’re grateful for Break-ups are hard - but a new...

Divorce can cause mental health issues

Mental health has always been a bit of a taboo subject as it has in the past been associated with being crazy or needing to be locked away in a...