10 signs he’s not in it for the long term

10 signs he’s not in it for the long term

Anyone who has endured a breakup knows the shock that can come with being dumped by the man you thought was The One.

However there are some early indications that could help you to spot the heart-breaker at the outset. Here are my red flags all  women entering a relationship should look out for that could save you some serious heartache:

  1. He says he will call you later and doesn’t. Letting you down is part of not allowing you to get too close. If he disappoints you now then he may feel it will limit your disappointment later on as you won’t rely on him.
  2. He doesn’t plan ahead with you and most of your dates are last minute. If you feel like you are the last resort for his evening then you probably are. If he doesn’t book ahead it means he doesn’t know if he will want to be your boyfriend next week let alone book a date in the diary.
  3. He doesn’t want to meet your family. Meeting the family is a sign that your relationship is serious as nobody wants to meet the parents if it’s not a long term commitment.
  4. He changes the subject when you talk about your relationship. He will find it uncomfortable to talk about the future or how he feels.
  5. He still goes out on lads nights with his single friends – He is keeping his options open to finding someone better.
  6. He wants you to leave his flat if he goes out and doesn’t give you a key. He doesn’t like the idea of you being there when he gets back!
  7. What he makes you for breakfast. He forgets every time to put sugar in your tea and never makes you breakfast in bed. Things aren’t looking good.
  8. You don’t hear from him every day. He doesn’t need you if he can get on with his life quite happily without you.
  9. There are parts of his life that he doesn’t share with you. If you want to be with someone for the long term you share your whole life with them.
  10. Date nights often last minute dinners at the local pub and never with any planning or thought. He doesn’t invest time thinking about how to make you happy or consider what you might enjoy.


Article as seen in Daily Mail Online @DailyMail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3827185/The-ten-warning-signs-s-not-long-run-including-makes-breakfast-takes-date-night.html


Sara Davison
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