10 reasons to go on a Break-Up Recovery Retreat

10 reasons to go on a Break-Up Recovery Retreat

Break-Up Recovery Retreats are a new phenomenon in the UK and are fast becoming a must-have for those going through a challenging break-up.  The overall aim of these weekends is to show you how to you cope better with your separation, divorce or break-up. 


Delegates attend with a wide range of issues from broken hearts, coping with betrayal, acrimonious divorces to struggling to move on with life or find a new partner. A mix of men and women of all age groups attend from mid-twenties to early seventies. So what are the benefits and how can a retreat like this help you to cope better with your split?

  1. You will learn techniques and strategies to help you cope better with both the roller coaster of emotions and also the practical challenges you are facing. 
  2.  You will get clarity over your personal situation and leave with a tool kit of information you will be confident to use.
  3. The relaxed and informal environment is a safe space to explore your emotions and the interactive exercises ensure you fully integrate what you are learning. 
  4. The retreats are the perfect escape from your daily routine. If you are stuck doing the same things day in and day out without your partner it can be very empowering to do something different to give you a fresh perspective. 
  5. You will meet others going though similar experiences. Lifelong friendships are made at these events. 
  6. You will leave feeling re-energised with clear strategies to help you to face the world.
  7. The workshops will help you to rediscover the real you and help you to re-establish your single identity again.
  8. You will learn how to decrease the intensity of negative emotions and keep moving forward. 
  9. After a break-up life can become uncertain as so many things will change. Over the two day retreat you will design your future and create an Action Plan to follow when you leave. 
  10. It will enable you to manage your break-up so you can still function well at work, home and being a parent. 


The Break-Up Recovery Retreat is a chance to focus on yourself and to get back in control of your life. You only live once so it’s important not to let a traumatic experience such as a divorce impact the rest of your life. After two days you will be back in the driving seat and excited for what’s ahead.

If you would like to find out more or book your place on my upcoming retreat on May 21st & 22nd in West Sussex then click https://saradavison.com/break-up-recovery-retreat/. Early bird booking price available for limited time. Seats extremely limited to ensure personal attention and results.

I look forward to meeting you if you decide to join us.



Article as seen on @FemaleFirst_UK.

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