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My Last Day at Bootcamp Day 7

Day 7 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip 8am brekkie with the gorgeous Nicola and Michelle. Michelle is feeling really sore as its only Day 3 for her. That's when I was...

My Day 4 Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

Day 4 6.30am Up and at em! 8am Brekkie with Nicola who is buzzing from day before. She mentions that she too has noticed she is starting to relax more and that...

My Day 3 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip

This was the morning I had been dreading .. Fitness Assessment at 8.30am!! 6.30am I jump in shower to wake myself up but accidentally knock the disability chair off the wall...

My Day 2 at Fitness Bootcamp Ibiza

Day 2 Divorce Coach trip Ibiza Trip 8am Dolphin spotting in the bay as the sun rises. Simply stunning. 9.15am Fitness circuits with Kelly. She is awesome and has a very inspiring...

I won APCTC Specialist Coach of 2015

It hasn't quite sunk in yet! Thank you all for your votes and making this possible. This is how it all happened at last nights Awards Ceremony ...

Follow me at a Fitness Retreat in Ibiza
Sunrise in Ibiza... So I have 8 days while my little boy is with his Dad over Easter. I know many of you struggle when your kids are away so I am going to let you into what I'm up to so you can see if it's something you fancy doing. Or at least it might inspire you to think differently about your alone time. This time I am going (on my own!) to a fitness retreat call 38 degrees north in Ibiza. It's run by a friend of mine from school James Davis. He assures me that it's not a brutal experience and you can do as much or as little as you choose and caters for all fitness abilities. The activities involve yoga, Pilates, fitness circuits, paddleboarding, mountain biking and hiking to name a few. There is also a spa, pool and lots of beaches. It sounds like a little piece of heaven to me! I always say that keeping fit and healthy is a good way to speed up your healing process and also an important part of keeping your mind strong. I will be blogging about it and posting up photos on FB (SaraDavisonDivorceCoaching) and Instagram (SaraDavisonDivorceCoach) so do follow me to see what I'm up to. For those of you who fancy coming along another time to this retreat or similar ones then sign up for my newsletter on as I will be letting you know about upcoming events. Roll on Ibiza! Sara x